Is Wicker Furniture Right For You? What You Should Look For

  • Your home furnishings can make or break the interior design of your home. Wicker furniture, a popular choice for centuries, can add a tropical and inviting feel to a home or patio. If you are thinking of replacing some of the furniture for your home, wicker may be a great choice. This article explores what you should look for in quality wicker furniture and the different designs available.

    What to consider when buying wicker furniture

    Wicker comes in thousands of styles and colors ranging from traditional to contemporary. Best of all, wicker is a good compliment to a wide variety of interior design styles. There are a few things you should consider about wicker furniture. The first is where you are planning to use the wicker. In a bedroom or living room, the durability of the construction is imperative as furniture in these rooms tend to get a lot of daily use.

    Do not hesitate to look at the wicker very closely before you buy. Try to pick it up. Indoor wicker should be heavier than it looks due to the thick metal frame construction. The wicker weave should be tight and close together. Smooth light and uniform patterns are a sign of quality construction. Sit on it to check for comfort as well as strength. The wicker should flex slightly without creaking or sagging.

    Design options in wicker

    Wicker furniture came into its popularity height in the 19th century. As such, Victorian designs for wicker are quite common. However, in the last few decades, manufacturers are designing more contemporary collections. There is something out there for every design aesthetic. Unusual designs and exotic cushions have popped up everywhere. Generally, darker colors are considered more formal while the lighter colors are more casual.

    Materials and construction

    You may have some reservations about buying wicker because you have heard that wicker does not last. The truth is that wicker does need regular care and maintenance to last. When it is taken care of, it will last for many years. The evidence of this is in the antiques market where hundred year old wicker si highly sought after. To make your investment last, you need to select high quality in the first place and regularly clean and protect the natural fibers or they might start to crack and split.

    There are two types of wicker, natural and synthetic. The synthetic materials are perfect for the outdoors because you do not need to worry so much about exposure to water. Even some natural fiber wickers are suitable for the out doors when coated with water protective materials. Aluminum frames are good for outdoor applications because they do not rust.

    The materials used in the construction of natural wicker are beautiful and environmentally low-impact. The fibers come from vines or grasses that are plentiful, easily harvested, and biodegradable. As furniture items are concerned, wicker is one of the most environmentally-friendly materials available.

    For years, wicker furniture has lasted the test of time. The styles and applications are endless. One of the best benefits of choosing wicker furniture is that you can expect it to last for many years to come. With care, you can expect to receive years of enjoyment from your wicker.