Protect Your Hands and Your Family With a Portable Sink

  • Portable Hand Washing Station with 6.3Gal Recovery Water Tank

    The portable sink has many features to it that are beneficial to you and your family. They are beneficial because your hands must be kept sanitized. The beauty of a sink is that they can be placed conveniently for your purposes. For instance, childcare services and many elementary schools utilize portable sinks so children can wash their hands before entering back into the classroom. They are also useful for outdoor use, particularly when there is a barbeque grill nearby. It is important for grillers to wash and sanitize their hands before entering their home or returning to the grill.

    Hand sanitizers can only do so much. The convenience and ease of having a sink can work wonders for everyone. In a world where it is important to keep everything sanitized because of the increased number of germs and viruses, it is important to keep portable sinks in places where many germs dwell.

    You can find portable sinks around every corner: childcare establishments, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and outdoor patios. Many sinks also come with a hand sanitizer unit. The wonderful thing about portable sinks is that they can be placed anywhere and easily removed. So long as there is a 110V outlet, a portable sink can be used.

    Portable sinks come with two tanks: one for filling and one for where the draining of the water. Replacement of the tanks is simple and owners should never have to worry about plumbing. Be protected at all costs. Investing in a portable handwashing sink is one way to help protect you and your family from all the growing germs.