Five Fingers Shoes - Live the Barefoot Way

  • Five Fingers are described as the barefoot alternative. These funky shoes have an individual toe pocket for each of your toes and along with a thin sole replicate the feeling of barefoot living without the immediate exposure to the ground that could cause your feet to become cut.

    There is a lot of evidence that says that walking around barefooted rather than squashing yourself in to shoes with a built up heal is far better for your skeletal system. This is great, but it isn't always practical to walk around with bare feet on tarmac where in modern cities there is often glass and other things that you really don't want to your feet to step on.

    This is where five finger shoes are great as they protect you from this but give you the feeling and benefits of walking barefoot. In fact, you can still feel everything beneath your feet pretty much as if you were barefooted but with the reassurance that the puncture proof sole will protect you for getting too exposed. The benefits of barefoot living are numerous, but the main one is that barefoot is how humans have evolved to live over thousands, if not millions of years.

    Our bodies have their own in built shock absorbers that cushion our selves from our own weight with every stride we take. When you wear shoes, they usual have some sort of heel. No matter how small the heel is, it will put your body out of alignment and this in turn leads to injuries and problems further up your body such as back pain.