4 Quick Tips To Properly Selecting Law Enforcement Gear

  • Good law enforcement gear, when used properly, can save lives. Therefor it is essential that only law enforcement gear of very high quality is chosen. Of course, price also matters so an equilibrium should be reached to ensure all deals are considered value for money.

    There is no point in over-paying for tactical equipment, no matter how good it is. And certainly, no one will compromise reliability for very low price, given that the ultimate price paid could be a life. So always be prudent when making a purchase.

    Purpose Of The Gear
    Before selecting law enforcement gear, consider first the situations where the gear will be used. For example, there are many types for bullet proof vests which offer varied amounts of protection and mobility.

    In most cases, it would be better to purchase vests which are easily concealed. These type of vests are less bulky, lighter and offer good protection against low caliber bullets.

    It is not always necessary to purchase the type of vest which offers the most protection but is not easily concealed. If an assailant knows a law enforcement officer is wearing a vest, he would most likely aim for a non-protected body part. And this will most likely be the head. This would defeat the purpose of wearing a vest in the first place.

    In-The-Field Useability
    It is important to provide tactical equipment that not only looks good on paper but also works well in real life. Always adequately field test these products first before purchasing. Get feedback and see if alterations can be made if necessary.

    Also, make sure to test these law enforcement equipment on a varied subjects - men and women of different sizes and heights.

    Gear Durability
    Durability is a major concern when it comes to this type of equipment especially since these gear do not come cheap. Equipment like the often used LED flashlights need to be able to survive a lot of drops and knocks.

    Fabric based equipment like tactical veststactical backpacks and holsters need to be able to withstand scrapes without tearing apart.

    It is difficult to test the durability of a product so most law enforcement agencies have little choice but to believe the claim of the manufacturer. Which is why you should always purchase from a reputable manufacturer who offers a lifetime warranty for its products.

    Maintenance of law enforcement gear is important because it ensures the gear works as it should when it matters and it also ensures that equipment lasts a long time. That said, law enforcement equipment should be easy and affordable to maintain without the help of costly third-party contractors.