Use These 3 Criteria To Help You Choose Military Backpacks

  • Military backpacks or tactical backpacks are not just for, well, the military. The word military itself brings to mind dangerous conditions and situations. Therefore, any gear associated with the military has to be tough and able to withstand a lot of abuse.

    That said, you should not just go out and buy the toughest and biggest looking military backpacks you can find. Military backpacks of good quality do not come cheap as they come with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, you should only get one that suits your needs. Here are 3 criteria you should look into before deciding which military backpack you should buy.

    There are many different types of military backpacks built for specifically for different purposes. Some tactical backpacks are built for general usage, some are built so you can stack even more stuff on them and then there are others which are made specifically to carry liquid sustenance or medical aid.

    For example, if you want to go for a hike and do not like carrying water bottles, you can opt to get a backpack which has a built-in reservoir or hydration system. These backpacks also have some storage space but not much.

    If you are the designated medical person for a trip, then you should select a medical backpack specially built for this purpose. Some of these medical tactical backpacks have accessories called removable internal pouches. This makes it easy for a medic to leave the bulky backpack behind and only carry what is needed to an injured person, if the situation requires. This is a very convenient and probable life saving feature.

    If you are planning to go on long hikes and you think you need lots of storage, you should get a backpack with lots of both internal storage as well as external storage area.

    You could also opt for a low profile modular design which would allow you to add-on additional pouches or equipment via the use of PALS Webbing. PALS Webbing is a Pouch Attachment Ladder System or PALS is a grid of webbing created and patented by US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center.

    Some pouches even come with internal compartments which would allow you to organize your stuff for easy access.

    Last but not least, you would need to look at the comfort factor of military backpacks. Remember, you might need to carry these loaded tactical backpacks for long periods of time. Therefore, you would want to make sure these military backpacks come with adequate padding on their straps. Some backpacks have padding at all contact points like at the waist area.

    The most important point when it comes to comfort is not to carry too heavy a load as these may lead to safety issues. Carry only what you feel comfortable with. If you find that you hunch or lose balance easily while walking with the best tactical backpack, that is a sure sign that your load is too heavy.