How To Choose A Solitaire Diamond Mangalsutra Design For Women

  • When we talk about weddings, we talk about mangalsutra also. It is an important aspect in Hindu tradition which originated in south India and later this tradition was adopted by north Indians also. Mangalsutra is an ornament which is traditional and a piece of statement jewellery at the same time. A typical mangalsutra is made of a gold chain with black beads embedded in it and a pendant. The mangalsutra styles vary in the south and north India.

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    Explore Customized Jewellery designs like engraved Mangalsutra, rings, pendants, bracelets, customized gold coin at CieroJewels. A mangalsutra signifies the bond between two soulmates for life till death parts them. The wife is supposed to wear it around her neck showing the love they both share.

    There are a lot of available Mangalsutras Online at the best price you can choose. Among those Mangalsutra designs, we will discuss the most desired Mangalsutra design i.e. solitaire diamond Mangalsutra. Here is a guided description for you:
    • Deciding The Type Of Solitaire Diamond:- There are three types of solitaire diamond available: natural, synthetic and simulated diamonds. Most people prefer natural solitaire, but you can decide according to your budget and preference. Next preferred choice is synthetic and then simulated.
    • Quality Of The Solitaire:- There are many factors that affect the quality of the diamond. To choose the best quality you have to make sure that the diamond is natural, its colour is G or higher, clarity is VS or higher, and the cut is excellent.
    • Mangalsutra Diamond Size:- Choose the diamond size according to your budget. For example, a .95 carat diamond will be a lot less expensive than a 1 carat diamond. Choose the cut wisely.
    • Diamond Certificate:- Obtain a certificate of your diamond and an official invoice stating all the specifications of the diamond.
    • Setting Of The Diamond In Mangalsutra:- The setting of the diamond can change the look of the diamond. Choose the mounted setting of your diamond. It will make your diamond look bigger than its size.
    • Solitaire Diamond Shape:- Most common shape of the diamond that comes to mind is round. But there are other shapes also available like oval, pear, triangle, heart, square and marquise diamonds.
    • Mangalsutra Chain:- You can choose a beaded chain or partially beaded chain for your mangalsutra.
    • Mangalsutra Design:- You can choose a single mangalsutra design or clustered diamond design. You can choose any of the designs matching your needs.
    These are the best available Online Mangalsutra designs. Apart from this you can Buy Diamond Rings Online in India for your engagement.

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